Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coupons in my email box (Nuk, Sweepstakes)

Save $1.50 off any NUK® product - Go here.

Pacifer Watch & Win Sweepstakes - Go here.  

The Publix Coupons

Check the current Publix coupons before you go shopping. And don't forget about their buy one get one free deals!  http://ow.ly/APNBO

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Coupon Codes

There are coupon codes for Teavana, Scholastic, WorldBook, Textbook, Highlights and many, many more. Check for #coupon codes here before you buy!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Onion coupon

Like the Facebook page for an opportunity to a Vidalia onion coupon. Hurry, it says one week left! http://ow.ly/AFwyO

Friday, August 22, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Savings in the mailbox

In the email box that is:
"Like" Wholly Guacamole's Facebook page and you can download a coupon.
Join Right@Home for coupons and other cool things. Click here.
Look for a Zataran's coupon in Sunday's paper on Aug 24th.
Mambo Spouts coupons i.e. Silk, Honest Fizz. Click here.

On the Coupons page you will find coupons for the following Brands:
CREST®, Big G Cereals®, PAMPERS®, TIDE®, KRAFT, Old El Paso™,
PLANTERS, Betty Crocker™, Pillsbury®, FEBREZE®, SECRET®, IAMS®, Big G Cereals®, and many more!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Get out of Debt

How did I get out of debt so many years ago? I used many of the techniques below (not in any particular order):
  1.  Train yourself to decide if what you are about to buy is a need or a want. Most the time it is a want. Wants can wait!
  2. If it is a need then decide if it is needed immediately or something that should go on a list and be bought when the price is lower or can be purchased with a coupon or at a sale price. Almost always my needs could wait until the best price could be found.
  3. Do not impulse buy. Leave those items on the shelf that you did not go in the store to purchase. Keep your eyes forward at the cash register, there is a reason all those treats and "get you" items are right there.
  4. Pay yourself an allowance even if it is a few pennies or few dollars a paycheck. You deserve a few pennies that you can spend on yourself without feeling guilty later. This is your money to spend as you desire and it adds up faster than you will expect. After a while you find yourself not wanting to spend as much.
  5. If you use a credit card, have the money available to pay it immediately. Some circumstances may outweigh this such as healthcare emergencies.
  6. Any large purchases (appliances, homes, cars) should be done after careful, and researched planning. No spur of the moment purchases. 
  7. Check the expiration date of products to not waste your money on something that will expire soon. Its a bummer to have to throw away money!
  8. Use coupons on products you would purchase normally. Don't waste money on items you do not use or will expire before you use them. Coupon cycles repeat about every six weeks or so. No need to be extreme!
  9. Plan your travel and vacation in advance and shop for discounts and coupons.
  10. Purchase slightly used items or barter for goods when appropriate. 
  11. Eliminate all unnecessary bills - are you paying insurance premiums for something you do not really need? Are you paying for data plans on your cell phone that could be reduced? Are you paying for a contract that could be changed or eliminated with your phone service? Have you looked at eliminating your landline phone? Is there competitor garbage services that are cheaper? Are you watching cable or satellite TV when you could be using a streaming service like NetFlix, etc.? Examine your outgoing money and see where you can reduce the outflow. 
  12. Pay extra payments on any loans, call your loan company and see if you can pay off your loan early and discuss strategies to do this. Find out if you pay a few dollars extra each payment will this go towards the collateral, etc. 
  13. Sell what you do not need. Size down if needed. I sold a home and property, all the unnecessary furniture, farm equipment, etc. to get my debt under control. 
  14. If you must eat out, eat at places that you have a coupon or other discount. 
  15. Buy gas at your grocery store if you get the perk. 
  16. Eliminate unnecessary trips to save gas.
  17. Change credit card companies to get better rates. 
  18. Check the oil in your automobile, check your tires, do regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly especially if you are paying a payment. Keeping this one going will help you save money for the next one. 
  19. Turn off lights when not in a room, turn down the AC a degree or two, wear sweaters in the winter to avoid cranking up the furnace another degree or two, fix your leaky faucets...anything that causes a few pennies to be spent can in the end save money.
  20. Watch movies at home. It's much more comfortable and the popcorn and cola's are way more affordable!
It took awhile to get out of debt, but the reward has been sweet. Shopping for automobiles and even a home has been sweet versus the usual trauma. We have even been called un-American. But we prefer to think of ourselves as living the American Dream.

Savings of the day...

We used the $4 off 2 adult entree's at Long Horn's Steakhouse. You can get these coupons also when you sign up for their Hospitality Club. Click here for the link to Long Horn Steakhouse, go to the bottom of the webpage for the info. Did I mention we fell in love with their Banana's Foster Cheesecake?